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About Us

Vaksana: A Gender Responsive Climate-Smart Agriculture Project


Vaksana’s main objective is to promote community development, sustainable ecotourism, and address gender equity. We aim to build a resource hub that serves to bridge the gap for Region 2 residents, businesses, and visitors. We are self-sustaining, holistically designed, and community driven.

Key Terms


UNDP’s definition) : Gender responsiveness refers to outcomes that reflect an understanding of gender roles and inequalities and which make an effort to encourage equal participation and equal and fair distribution of benefits. Gender responsiveness is accomplished through gender analysis and gender inclusiveness

Climate-Smart Agriculture

This approach involves farming practices that improve farm productivity and profitability, help farmers adapt to the negative effects of climate change and mitigate climate change effects, e.g. by soil carbon sequestration or reductions in greenhouse emissions.

Meet The Team

Success Through
Multilateral Partnerships

The key to Vaksana’s success as a Canadian Non-Profit is our strong network and capable team.

Working In Alliance With:

  • All Inclusive Tour Operations:

    • ​Adventure Las Palmas

    • Guyana Vacations

    • Potaro-Siparuni Tourism Community

  • Local Organizations:

    • ​Breadfruit Collective

    • Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD)

  • International organizations:

    • ​The Pad Project

    • Impactful Tourism

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