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Past Projects

Salvaged Green Space

A Different View Project designed and built a centralized outdoor recreation area In Queenstown, Essiquibo. The site included a safe playground structure for children, an open grassy field, and an outdoor seating and picnic area, all surrounded by newly planted trees. ADVP enlisted the support of international volunteers, and the local lions club to complete this project.

advp green space.jpg

Elementary Tutoring Program

The pandemic and lockdown has impacted young school-aged children in Guyana gravely. When our tutoring program began, some students had been away from school for over 8 months with no in-person support, or hands on learning. In addition to providing dedicated tutors, A Different View Project raised funds to purchase community tablets which our tutors used to access valuable online teaching resources such as The Khan Academy.


Youth Afterschool Program

A Different View Project initiated an afterschool program for youth which included guidance and counselling services by trained psychologists. An older building was renovated with the help of the US Embassy HAP team, and resources and equipment were provided to enrich the experience of local youth. 


Fundraiser Events

A Different View Project has hosted successful and entertaining fundraiser events in Toronto Canada. Our events help to spread awareness of our organization, and build up excitement and support for our future projects.

advp green space.jpg
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